We are a simple but dedicated family. Dedicated to truth and dedicated to God! We want all to truly receive Christ. 

 When I say; "With love and the good news of Christ I desire nothing more than God’s will on earth as it is in Heaven." We really mean it! 


        The Stansel Family



 Our mission is to proclaim the Good News of the savior, as well as cultivate, prune, and water God’s vineyard; To care for His flock and bring back those sheep who have strayed; To care for the withered branch, that it may bring forth good fruit. For this is the will of God, that all who hear the name of Christ and believe in him shall obey his words and have eternal life. Jesus was in truth when he said the harvest is great but the workers are few. The earth has need of true disciples who worship in spirit and truth. The earth has need for light to shine in dark places. The earth has need to be salted. We must be the salt. We must be the light. We must be the true worshippers. We are the workers of Christ and must remain in truth and light. We must be fruitful or what worth are we?

 In this world, we are surrounded by decay. Sometimes it takes a reminder, and other times some tender, loving cultivation, to bring a withered branch back to life. No matter whether physical or spiritual, the concept is the same. A vineyard, left unattended, will become unfruitful and eventually die. Every vineyard needs a caretaker and every flock needs a shepherd. Jesus is our shepherd and our caretaker. Jesus calls his disciples to do the same and care for his flock. The world is so far removed from the will of God that many times it takes the care and love of his disciples here on Earth to rehabilitate and care for his vineyard and his flock, so that they might once again see the light of Christ; to bring those from out of darkness into the light that they might see the works of God. Every child of God has a work to fulfill and good fruits to produce, otherwise he will be cut out from the garden of God.