Get Involved


 Reviving a withered branch. I’m always searching for a flock to serve and motivate in Christ. I am here to build up the Kingdom of God not a religion. If you are part of a gathering or are a Pastor in the United States or Canada that puts Christ first or maybe even a church that has lost sight in hard times and wants to bring Christ back into your lives. If you are motivated to actively share the pure Gospel and love of God with your community and the world. Share your story with me by private message and let’s see if we could be of benefit to your community and your efforts. 

 We as a family can do all things in Christ if it is his will. We know it is his will to share the good news of Christ! The key is to share the pure and unadulterated good news with pure intent to only build him up and no one else. So many are focused on building their religions. God’s will isn’t to build religions of men but rather to build his kingdom. That is a mark of a true follower of Christ!  We need revival! We need to come back from the dust and build strong communities in Christ! 


 With love and the good news of Christ I desire nothing more than God’s will on earth as it is in Heaven.
                Joseph R. Stansel

Give Back

There are many ways to help support this missionary effort.

Donate Educational Tools! Help us sow good seeds by donating Bibles. Contact us for preferred translations.

  Also an important part of the Peleg Project is sharing creation history with others and bringing it to life. Learning tools such as fossils, displays, etc. are great contribution that can be made.