Easter Sunday concept: Silhouette family

It is finished

What did Jesus mean by “It is finished”?

These were the last words of our Savior upon the cross: It is finished! Do we really grasp the importance of the final utterance of Jesus as he died on the cross? Had Jesus not come as a sacrifice for our sins, we would have no hope of life. We are so blessed that he came! Not only did he come, but he fulfilled the law that we couldn’t fulfill on our own. He set us free from the bondage of sin if we believe in him. If one truly believes in him, they will trust in him and follow him.

The love our God has for each one of us is incomprehensible. God loves us so much, yet the majority reject him. He offers salvation, but who will take it? He offers rest, but who will receive it? He finished what he came to this world to do. It’s up to each one of us to accept him and be born again of His Spirit. Because of his spotless life and his sacrifice on the cross, it is finished. We no longer have to work for salvation,  but instead we must humble ourselves as a little child and accept what he is giving us! Will you receive him? I pray that you do! 

With love and the good news of Christ, I desire nothing more than God’s will on earth as it is in Heaven.
Joseph R. Stansel