Salvation & Law Keeping

Bar Mitzvah Boy
Church Altar
Jewish Man in Synagogue

 Satan is very clever and one of his chief tools in his bag of tricks is religious law. How is this you ask? If you have an understanding of the Old & New Testament accounts or more properly translated in English that we understand and speak,  Old and New Covenant or Law, you should understand that striving to adhere to the written law leads to death. So many religious in this world seek salvation by these works. If you learn anything from the Old Testament its really important that you understand that not one person is able to keep the law fully and even one spot on your garment will keep you from eternal life with God. The Old Testament Prophets told us of a coming redeemer who would live that sinless life and save us from death and sin. Those who understood the need for a savior eagerly awaited his arrival. Sadly like today many did not understand the severity of their own situation, nor do they understand the great magnitude of the grace, sacrifice and gift given to those who are in truth and light. 


 God came into the world he created. He purchased us and freed us from the bonds of Satan, sin and death. When I say us I mean those who are awake and seeking him for salvation. The danger of religious law is the same today as it was in the day of Jesus. Remember when the Jewish leaders were questioning the man that was born blind who Jesus healed? These leaders lived the law but Jesus made it clear in his sermon on the mount that even that wasn’t good enough! So while these religious leaders saw themselves as clean they were filthy in the eyes of God. After repeated questioning the blind man who could now see asked the leaders why they kept asking. He said, “Do you want to be his disciple” speaking of Jesus.   They replied, “No! We are Moses disciples! We do not know from where this man comes!”


  Jesus told his disciples to go and make disciples of him. Salvation comes thru him and not Moses. The law keepers are not disciples of Christ but rather disciples of Moses and the law. If you are a disciple of someone you are a student or learner of them and their way. Jesus said we are to be his disciples! He chose 12 to be his disciples while he lived here in the flesh and they were his students. They learned and followed him. When he ascended to Heaven he gave them and us a promise. He would send us a helper. Jesus said a prayer for his disciples which includes those who follow him in our time as well. His prayer and promise was that He may live in us as The Father lived in Him! This is extremely important to grasp! Jesus lived a higher law than the law of Moses! Jesus was perfect! His flesh was able to overcome sin by the power that lived within. His flesh was the true Temple of God. God dwelt in him. Because of the gift made available to those who believe we can be also a holy Temple! The power of God transcends time. 


 Satan wants us to be blind and ignorant of this saving grace. Satan uses religion and the law to blind men in our day just as he did in Christs. Satan wants us to be disciples of Moses and the law because he knows the law brings death to men. God requires us to be disciples of him. We must be born again of Spirit. He brings salvation. He purchased those who do his will from sin and death. We are his slaves. Jesus did only what the Father taught him. Likewise we should do the same. We do this by surrendering our life to him, becoming his. We his slave and He our master! People don’t like the idea of becoming a slave to anyone because of the negative association of slavery but we must remember HE is The Good Master. In him there is no evil! If we accept him and become his slave he will save us. If we resist His Spirit we will surely die! Blaspheme, reject and resist mean the same in this context. Holding to the law of men and rejecting the way provided by God is blaspheming The Holy Spirit and that is the only unforgivable sin!


 Hopefully now you see why Torah keeping, law keeping and works all lead to death. Now what? If you truly want to do his will you must lay down your life and take his. You must receive His Spirit! You can not buy this or do some good work to earn His Spirit. You can not be given this from men either. This gift comes from God! No man knows anothers heart but God knows every heart! Just as we can not see where the wind comes from or where it goes the same is with those who have His Spirit. God choses those who are his. Seek him! If you are truly seeking you will find him! He will cleanse you. He will make you His Temple! He will dwell in you and you will be His! You will be his disciple. His Spirit will teach you all things. You and Him will live in His Temple, your body which is now his. You will learn his way in His Temple! This is truly transformative and greater than any law of men and Moses! This is His Way. This is the only way!


 I plead with anyone seeking righteous and salvation by the law. Jesus himself said that way leads to death! Turn from the clever lies of Satan and receive Christ. God loves you! I love you! Please come and kneel at His feet. In Him is Life!



                                    Joseph Ross Stansel