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What is the unpardonable sin?

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  Im sure you’ve heard that those who blaspheme the holy spirit receive no forgiveness and are eternally lost. They have committed the unpardonable sin. 

 Jesus, speaking in Matthew chapter 12 Verse 31, tells us "Therefore I tell you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven people, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. 32 And whoever speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come." 


 Do you understand what Jesus is saying here? What is blasphemy against the Spirt anyway? 


 Jesus and his good news is pretty simple to understand, really, but many lean to their own understanding instead of listening to God and his Holy Spirit. 


 Jesus speaking to Nicodemus, a Jewish religious leader who was a Pharisee, explained it this way:


 In John chapter 3 Verse 10, Jesus replied, “You are a respected Jewish teacher, and yet you don’t understand these things? 


  11 I assure you, we tell you what we know and have seen, and yet you won’t believe our testimony. 12 But if you don’t believe me when I tell you about earthly things, how can you possibly believe if I tell you about heavenly things? 13 No one has ever gone to heaven and returned. But the Son of Man has come down from heaven. 14 And as Moses lifted up the bronze snake on a pole in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up, 15 so that everyone who believes in him will have eternal life.


  16 “For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. 17God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him.


 18“There is no judgment against anyone who believes in him. But anyone who does not believe in him has already been judged for not believing in God’s one and only Son. 19And the judgment is based on this fact: God’s light came into the world, but people loved the darkness more than the light, for their actions were evil. 20All who do evil hate the light and refuse to go near it for fear their sins will be exposed. 21But those who do what is right come to the light so others can see that they are doing what God wants.”


 Blasphemy against the Spirit is resisting God, who is The Light. Jesus came to redeem us and give us his Spirit. If we choose to not believe, to not accept His sacrifice and spirit, the we have blasphemed the Spirit. While alive and breathing we have the opportunity to receive him, but once we draw our last breath, our fate is sealed! No one knows the day nor hour they will pass on, nor do we know the day nor hour Christ will return to judge the world, so we must not procrastinate the day of our repentance! 

 James 1 V 21 Therefore lay apart all filthiness and the superfluity of wickedness, and receive with meekness the engrafted Word, which is able to save your souls.


 The engrafted word is The Holy Spirit. When you are born again you are given a rebirth of His Spirit which gives you power over temptation and sin, which is able to save your soul as James stated! 


 Resisting or ignoring this rebirth, The Holy Spirit, and His commands, thinking you can earn salvation some other way, is blasphemy!

 God is calling you! I pray and plead with you to heed His warning and receive His grace and gift of eternal life before the door is shut and it's too late!


 With love and the good news of Christ, I desire nothing more than God’s will on earth as it is in Heaven.

                Truly, Joseph R. Stansel